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The best bartender company evaluated from Brazil, with a cocktail letter exclusive, cocktail national and international, exotic, modern and aphrodisiacs that will provide you and your guests a unique experience.

Options caipirinhas

Caipirinhas of fruits National Classic - Exotic Caipirinhas - Caipirinhas Gourmet

Options Cocktail

Classic National Cocktail Party - Classic International Cocktail Party - Exotic Cocktail Party - Aphrodisiac Cocktail Party - Modern Cocktail Party Contemporary - Cocktail Party

Options without alcohol

Cocktail without alcohol - Cocktail Kids - Milk Shake Bar - Frozen Bar

Machine Options for your party

Milk Shake Machine - Frozen and Scratch Machine

Customize your card with the most beloved cocktails and caipirinhas, and provide a unique touch. Select the model, which will match your décor to make your party look more beautiful.

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